Detailed Information for all competitors: download the file

Sites and meeting points directions: the main sites

Headquarters (Bisuschio (VA), Via Roma 57)

  • see how to reach the Headquarters:
  1. from northern italy to Bisuschio
  2. from Malpensa airport to Bisuschio
  3. the Headquarters (aerial view) - from Highway exit to the Headquarters (map)

Accomodations (Bisuschio (VA) - via Roma 57)

  • lodging in the local sportpalace is included in the enrolment fee --> provide with your own sleeping bag or camp bed
  • WC, showers, parking
  • see where

Meals and beverages (Area feste Associazione Alpini di Bisuschio - via F. Bonvicini (loc. Zerbi) - Bisuschio (VA))

  • since friday a meals and beverages service will be available in the Berrini's park.
  • Friday evening and Saturday evening meals are included in the enrolment fee for competition teams. For companions, vouchers may be bought in the Headquarters or meals may be paid directly on site.
  • Friday lunch, Sunday breafkast and lunch, or during the opening hours refreshment may be paid directly on site.
  • see view
Parade (Varese, Piazza della Repubblica)

Prize giving ceremony (Varese, Giardini di Palazzo Estense)

  • in case of rain the ceremony will be made inside the tent
  • see aerial view